Commissioning Services:

Hands-On Commissioning

Commissioning shall mean the balancing of Air and Water flow-rates throughout each air and water distribution system. This will be carried out in accordance with CIBSE codes and BSRIA Guidelines. On completion of the balance, the system fan / pumps will be tested to ensure that operating values are within design limits

This includes from initial system start-up, pre-commissioning, proportional balancing to design specifications, main plant performance tests through to computer generated test reports and client witnessing

Testing & Propotional Balancing of Air & Water Systems

Systems primarily include Fan Coil Units, VAV boxes (including Moduline Boxes), CV Boxes, Chilled beams as well as LTHW and Chilled Water Systems including DPCV Water Systems.


Testing of existing air and water systems within buildings to be fitted out or altered. This includes compiling Test Documentation detailing our findings including any potential problems, snags & recommendations.

Plant Proving Commissioning Surveys

Ensuring all systems of Plant are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained in accordance with operational requirements

Laboratory / Clean Room Validation

Validating and adjusting HVAC systems including Pressure Cascades for each Laboratory can be set whist maintaining the design fresh air change rate. Our works also include: Plant Monitoring, Noise Level Testing, Lux Level testing and Energy Monitoring.

Dilapidation Surveys

Often undertaken on refurbished buildings, a very detailed recording of HVAC components, down to minor wear and tear

Ultrasonic Flow Measurements

Where conventional flow readings cannot be taken with a manometer (due to Commissioning Stations / Valves not being fitted), Ultrasonic Flow-measurements can be utilised to give accurate and successful readings instead.

VAV Acutator Refurbishments

Upgrading and specialised fitting of motorised dampers to ensure to control airflow to a high level of accuracy

Energy & Environmental Performance Testing

Assessment of energy performance of buildings in accordance with CIBSE and BSRIA standards and methodologies.

This includes:

  • System Validation
  • Plant Operation
  • Plant Monitoring
  • Noise Level Testing
  • Lux Level testing
  • Energy Monitoring